Body wraps – Do they work?

It is amazing how body wraps have come of age, always improving and promising to be better than before. When body wraps were first introduced into the market a couple of decades ago, the name itself was not even “Body Wraps.” Instead, they were called “Herbal Wraps,” probably because the term “Herbal” is synonymous with healthy living!

The early body wraps were made of linen sheets, making their first mark on fitness and beauty products in 1980s and ’90s. Eventually, the linen-made body wraps were replaced by plastic-made body wraps or thermal blankets. Today, you will find various spa services that incorporate current trends of body wraps on their therapy offers, complete with soothing music and flickering candles.

Often done in darkened rooms, you would mistakenly think of a spa treatment to be a garden or kitchen procedure. Today, various types of body wraps mostly use conventional ingredients; chocolate, rosemary, clay, honey, butter, eucalyptus etc. Most clients seeking spa treatments with body wraps do so for the feel-good relaxation and skin smoothening. However, you will also find spas that promote body wraps for moisturizing treat as a way to slim down or to detoxify.

What is a Body Wrap?

How body wrap procedure is performed varies from one spa treatment to another. Generally, a body wrap is a procedure where heating materials are used to smoothen and relax skin. A thermal blanket is used at the base of a massage table where a plastic wrapper, beneath towels, is used homemade-body-wrapsto wrap the client. To keep the client warm, some spa treatments use linen sheets on the top, though not a must.

Most body wrap treatments start with a body scrub using different ingredients such as apple or pear. The choice of the body wrap may vary from spa to spa and depending on client preferences. The body is then rinsed and wrapped using wrapping products. The body is then subjected to heating using an electric thermal blanket for about half an hour before cooling it down. After that, body rinsing is done yet again before applying lotion.

Body Wrap: Does It Work?

While most clients would concur on the skin smoothening and relaxing benefits of body wraps, downloadother options for body wraps such as slimming, detoxification and cellulite reduction are contentious. You will find spa treatments using ingredients such as clay and seaweed to detoxify which could be irritating to the skin. Other ingredients which have a lot of

fragrance and various herbal remedies can be problematic to sensitive skin.

Most of the spas claim body wraps can help to detoxify by eliminating toxin and purifying the body through sweating. Dermatologists argue the claims are unsupported due to lack of scientific evidence. “Sweating can improve the skin but detoxification should occur mainly in the kidneys or liver, which is not the case in body wraps treatment,” doctors say. Body wraps have been used as a way of slimming but fitness experts advises that the slimming might only be temporary. Health fitness experts recommend exercise and healthy diet for effective fitness.

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